About us

The company “SOF ELEKTRO 2009 DOO” was founded in Kraljevo on September 25, 2013 with the intention of creating a modern company for the design and implementation of electrical installations, professional supervision and engineering which will be able to respond to the most complex demands of the free market. Since its establishment the company has been operating with a constant increase in the number of employees, business income and business profits.

The company’s headquarters are in Kraljevo with a business unit in Belgrade. Each unit is able to respond to market demands and if needed, each team member can help in case of necessary expert assistance to other colleagues in every possible way.

Professional staff consists of three graduated electrical engineers (with license in design and execution), two electrical engineers and several electricians and electrical fitters with experience in execution and handling works.

In addition to expert and qualified personnel we have the complete machinery for the professional performance of these activities (cars for field mobilization, hydraulic platform cranes for the execution of works at height and all the necessary tools and equipment for performing the above mentioned works). With rich experience in numerous large-scale construction projects in the country and the region, licenses, certificates and recognitions for the work done so far and with numerous highly skilled external collaborators, with all our machinery and equipment – we guarantee high quality of services and equipment to any potential business partners. We operate in the territory of Serbia as well as in Slovenia, Austria, Croatia and Macedonia.

Year of existence
Completed projects

The core activity is the design and execution of electrical works in the civil engineering industry which includes the following tasks:
– Pre-engineering for heavy and weak current installation;
– Manufacture of various electrical cabinets;
– Procurement, delivery, installation, wiring and commissioning of the complete heavy and weak current electrical equipment;
– Engineering and consulting for projects in the field of electrical works in civil engineering;
– Service and maintenance of electrical installations and equipment in existing facilities.

Industrial engineering
Design and maintenance of industrial air conditioning, automatics, mechatronics and voltage systems. The team of licensed engineers of SofElektro provides services of engineering and consulting for projects in the field of electrical works in civil engineering.

IT Infrastructure and Systems
In today’s IT world it is mandatory to provide services for constant flow of information. This requires data centers, information storage equipment, communication networks and systems in perfect working conditions: power supply, protection and cooling.

Energy optimization
Optimizing and reducing the consumption of electrical power is a serious task which is successfully solved by our team of specialists thanks to their knowledge and years of experience where they are trying to offer the best possible solution to their customers with reduced costs.

Maintenance and support
Preventive maintenance strategy is an important part of the system’s functioning because with quality maintenance we reduce costs and avoid possible problems due to interruptions while operating. SofElektro provides maintenance and service of electrical installations and equipment.

Manufacture and assembly of automatic control cabinets. Electro-wiring of the automatic control cabinets on the facility to the elements in the process field and also to the electromotor distribution cabinets. Voltage commissioning of the automatic control cabinet, testing of peripheral elements and cable wires.