Design, execution and maintenance of industrial air conditioning, automatics, mechatronics and voltage systems. The team of licensed engineers of the Sof Elektro company provides engineering and consulting services for projects in the field of electrical works in construction.

Projektovanje, izvođenje i održavanje industrijske klimatizacije, automatike, mehanotronike i naponskih sistema. Tim licenciranih inženjera firme Sof Elektro pruža usluge inženjeringa i konsaltinga za projekte u oblasti elektroradova u građevinarstvu.
  • Electrical distribution and low voltage equipment in objects of all types of high-rise buildings and civil engineering
  • Electrical installation of indoor and outdoor spaces lighting
  • Installations for atmospheric discharge protection
  • Electrical installations in industrial facilities
  • Electrical installations of supervision and control of electric drive
  • Telecommunication networks and systems
  • Low voltage overhead and cable networks, systems and parts of transformer stations
  • Primary and secondary cable network
  • Telephone and computer installations and networks
  • Structured cabling for homes and businesses
  • Intercom and video-intercom systems and video surveillance
  • Systems for gas detection and fire alarm systems, technical security of the facilities, track and control access
  • Electric drive management