WALTER Belgrade

– Walter opened their first restaurant with the desire to show something unusual and rare to the citizens of Belgrade, to create a recognizable place with atmosphere which will be attractive to all generations. In addition to famous kebabs of pure beef made by the secret recipe of chef masters – you can find other dishes from “Sarajevo” cuisine on the menu such as beefsteak, sudžuk (Sarajevo sausage), sweetbread, calf’s liver, veal pieces (pieces of veal on kajmak – it is traditional Serbian dairy product similar to chunky cottage cheese).
The company Sof Elektro manufactured electrical cabinets and performed the complete electrical installation (strong and weak current, lighting, sound system, video surveillance, security alarm system, fire alarm system).
Walter Sarajevski Ćevap, TC Ušće
Walter Sarajevski Ćevap, TC Big Fashion

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