MINTH Loznica

− phase 2 – Delivery and installation NN distribution cabinets of own consuption total installation power 2600kW, delivery and installation PNK cable rack, delivery and installation power cables, delivery and installation SCHRACK passive network equipment over 880 connecting points RJ45 module CAT.6a, delivery and installing network cable CAT.6a F/FTP, delivery and installing DETNOV system automatic fire alarm over 46200m² industrial facility, installing over 1920 lamps.
− phase 2 – 41000m² – complete electrical instalation of strong and weak current, production of electric cabinets

− phase 1 plant 3 – electric rail installation – Delivery and installation 0,4kV shielded rail installation type LEGRAND SCP 3200A
− phase 1 completed – On the area of 70000 square meters Sof Elektro is working on the complete electrical installation of both strong and week currents, production of electric cabinets, fire alarm, video surveillance and access control system, sound system, computer network.

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