– Electrical installation of strong and weak current, installation of monitoring systems and management of SCADA system via a water treatment machine to the pumps located in the chemical tanks – project in progress.

– in December 2016 Nikola Tesla Airport got a platform for de-icing /protection against icing. De-icing /anti-icing facility is where ice, frost or snow are removed from the airplane (de-icing) to provide clean surfaces or where clean airplane surfaces are protected against frost or ice, the accumulation of snow or slush, for a certain period of time (protection against frost).
The company Sof Elektro, as a subcontractor, made electrical cabinets and performed the complete wiring of motors, pumps, electro valves, meter and all other devices that enable the facility operations.

Waste water processing plant

The construction of a 615 m2 wastewater treatment plant is nearing completion, and the purified water will be used for irrigation and washing of streets and asphalt surfaces. The plant is located in the southern part of the public zone of the airport complex, and it was designed with the aim of providing treatment of wastewater generated by the operation of the airport complex.

– Installations of high and low current, installation of monitoring and control systems for the SCADA system,

– Complete connection of equipment for monitoring and management

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