NIKOLA TESLA THERMAL POWER STATION – Nikola Tesla Thermal Power Station represents the pillar of Serbian electric power industry. The annual production is 19 billion kWh which is 50% of the total electricity produced in Serbia. The construction of a sewage treatment plant is finished which is a significant contribution to the improvement of the environment. Wastewater treatment will be carried out in several plants which are located within a 3km range at TENT A. Different types of wastewater created in the thermal power plant will be treated in each of them: slurry, muddy, oily, sanitary or wastewater that will be created in the process of flu- gas desulphurization.
Contractors are “ESOTECH” from Velenje, Slovenia and MPP “Jedinstvo” a.d. Sevojno.
The company Sof Elektro, as the subcontractor of Esotech, performed the complete electrical installation as well as the wiring in water purification facilities.

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